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This bike is the ideal inner-city commuter, or Greenway pleasure cruiser for those that appreciate a sure boost with the twist of the throttle. Keep pace with your fit friends, or energetic children. This bike has a non-pedal assist range of 30 miles or more.

Emove Cruiser

The Emove Cruiser is an exceptional commuter scooter with range up to 50 miles. This ride offers a wide and stable deck with dual suspension, and 10’ tubeless tires that can handle riders up to 350 lbs. The Emove Cruiser is equipped with safety features including hydraulic brakes, turn signals and key start ignition. It also folds down to store in a trunk or back of a vehicle.

Serfas® eDart

Wherever the destination, Serfas® has the power, range, reliability, and comfort to get you there. The Step Through eDart 350W model represents a great entry-level ride into the e-bike world. 30-mile range, small frame only.

X Class

This dual suspension, high torque café racer designed bike provides you as much fun as the law allows. With range of 50 miles, fat tires, and the highest torque output, this overlander provides your adventure opportunities most ebikes can’t.

D Class

Double the motor and unleash the option of front, rear or all-wheel drive on this fat tire café racer. You’re able to have fun in the sand, snow and eliminate lag on the steepest of hills with just a twist of the throttle. With an extra-long comfortable seat, another passenger is a possibility.


Maximize your adventure potential with this one. It’s all wheel drive, dual motor, dual battery, dual rear suspension and full front shocks. Our longest range, highest torque, most capable beast. You’ll love the 75+ mile range and power to play at your pinnacle all day.
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