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Boost Bikes is Yakima’s first and only ebike rental service

We strive to provide bikes for people of all abilities. Our easy to ride mid step Rideal is perfect for strolls down the greenway or an afternoon downtown shopping and eating with friends. Our X-Class bikes provide the same amount of comfort but with dual suspension and a more aggressive appearance. With wide tires it makes it ideal for on/off road adventures. If you want to take it a step further with dual battery, dual rear suspension, and experience all-wheel drive, the Grizzly will maximize the furthest reaches of ebike capabilities.

Maximize your day and build your adventure:

Our Bikes

Daily & weekly rates available on all our bikes!


This bike is the ideal inner-city commuter, or Greenway pleasure cruiser for those that appreciate a sure boost with the twist of the throttle. Keep pace with your fit friends, or energetic children. This bike has a non-pedal assist range of 30 miles or more.

Notable features:
48V, 750W rear hub motor, 14AH battery easy step through design, 30–60-mile range, twist throttle hill crushing power

Daily-$50* | Weekly-$250*

X Class

This dual suspension, high torque café racer designed bike provides you as much fun as the law allows. With range of 50 miles, fat tires, and the highest torque output, this overlander provides your adventure opportunities most ebikes can’t.

Notable features:
48V, 750W, 16AH battery, moped design, full suspension, dual rider option, overland capable, 50-mile range

Daily-$60* | Weekly-$300*

D Class

Double the motor and unleash the option of front, rear or all-wheel drive on this fat tire café racer. You’re able to have fun in the sand, snow and eliminate lag on the steepest of hills with just a twist of the throttle. With the extra-long comfortable seat, an additional passenger is a possibility.48V, 750W, 16AH battery, moped design, full suspension, dual rider option, overland capable, 50-mile range

Daily-$70* | Weekly-$350*


Maximize your adventure potential with this one. It’s all wheel drive, dual motor, dual battery, dual rear suspension and full front shocks. Our longest range, highest torque, most capable beast. You’ll love the 75+ mile range and power to play at your pinnacle all day.

Notable features:
dual battery, dual motor, all-wheel drive, max torque, more speed, more power, range 75+ miles

Daily-$80* | Weekly-$400*
* Above prices do not include mandatory government taxes, which will be added to the total cost of the rental.
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Give the gift of health and happiness by riding with friends – we carry multiple bikes in each style.
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