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Boost Bikes is Yakima’s first and only ebike rental service

We strive to provide bikes for people of all abilities. Our easy to ride mid step Rideal is perfect for strolls down the greenway or an afternoon downtown shopping and eating with friends. Our X-Class bikes provide the same amount of comfort but with dual suspension and a more aggressive appearance. With wide tires it makes it ideal for on/off road adventures. If you want to take it a step further with dual battery, dual rear suspension, and experience all-wheel drive, the Grizzly will maximize the furthest reaches of ebike capabilities.  Or give our newest model, the Emove Cruiser: Scooter a spin!

Maximize your day and build your adventure

Our Rentals

Hourly & daily rates available on all our rentals!

Not seeing a lot of bikes available? Make sure you’ve got Terrace Heights selected!

Yakima Bike Rentals

VanArnem Winery & Cot's Peak Coffee Bike Rentals

Please note that bikes at VanArnem Winery and at Cot’s Peak Coffee are rented on a daily basis. VanArnem bikes are available between 11am-5pm & Cot’s Peak Coffee bikes are available between 6:30am-6:30pm. Our current system does not allow for the pickup time to change, based on location and is set to our primary Terrace Heights location as those bikes are also available to rent hourly.

Scooter Rentals

Kids Ages 6-12

Kids Ages 8-14

Kids Ages 8-14

Older Teens & Adults

We also have eBikes & Scooters for Sale!

Boost Your Circle
Looking for an interesting way to get together?
Give the gift of health and happiness by riding with friends – we carry multiple bikes in each style.
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2 New Rental Locations!

VanArnam Vineyards &
Cot's Peak Coffee

Be sure to select the correct rental location in the dropdown for selection and availability.

Please note that bike availability hours are based on their locations hours. VanArnam Vineyards bikes
are available from 11am-5pm & Cot’s Peak Coffee are available from 6:30am-6:30pm.